IQ of Celebrities

Discover the IQ of celebrities such as UCLA Professor Terence Tao IQ of 230, Hollywood actor Steve Martin IQ of 142, and the serial killer Ted Bundy IQ of 124, former NFL quarterback Steve Young, physicist Stephen Hawking, former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman, and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

This is page four of four pages of the IQ of celebrities. On this page you will find some of the smartest celebrities in the world. To get a better understanding of your favorite celebrity, click on their image. Once you click on that image, you will see a mini biography on that person and it will tell you what makes that person so unique. It will also show what schools they went to including college and list their academic degree's, where they are from and their networth.

Another feature we have implemented will allow you to compare your IQ with the IQ of any famous person. Lets say, you click on Troy Aikman's picture and find that he has an IQ of 118, and you have an IQ of 118 as well. We will have a link to an IQ score of 118 just under the information found for Troy Aikman and to gain information on your IQ of 118, just click on that link and you will be provided with detailed information on IQ rank and percentile, educational abilities and typical vocations for any person with an IQ of 118. to see an example of an IQ score of 118, please click on IQ 118.If you can not find a celebrity with the same IQ score as yours, simply go to our sitemap and search for your IQ score.

IQ of Celebrities

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Stephen Hawking - IQ 160
Stephen Hawking
IQ 160
Steve Martin - IQ 142
Steve Martin
IQ 142
Steve Young - IQ 126
Steve Young
IQ 126
Ted Bundy - IQ 124
Ted Bundy
IQ 124
Terence Tao - IQ 230
Terence Tao
IQ 230
Tim Tebow - IQ 104
Tim Tebow
IQ 104
Tom Brady - IQ 126
Tom Brady
IQ 126
Troy Aikman - IQ 118
Troy Aikman
IQ 118
What is my IQ?
What is my IQ?

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