The IQ of Famous People

Where do you go to find the IQ of famous people? Well that answer is simple: here! It's a fact, our version of the IQ of famous people is far more comprehensive than any other website on the Internet. We have listed over 100 famous celebrities from a wide array of backgrounds including, but not limited to, famous musicians, politicians, authors, athletes, scientists, artists, movie stars, actors, chess masters, and the list goes on and on.

Please be sure to look at all four pages of the IQ of famous people. To get more information on famous IQ's, click on any image and that will take you to a page where that famous person's mini bio will be displayed. At the moment, mini biographies are not completed, but we will have them listed by June 27, 2013. So please check back often.

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Another feature we will be implementing will allow you to compare your IQ with the IQ of any famous person. Lets say, you click on Aaron Rodgers picture and find that he has an IQ of 130, and what a coincidence, you have an IQ of 130 as well. We will have a link to an IQ score of 130 just under the information found for Aaron Rodgers - IQ 130.

Once you click on that link, it will take you to a page that will give you information about your IQ score of 130 where you will learn your IQ percentile, IQ rarity and many other attributes about an IQ score of 130.

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Aaron Rodgers - IQ 130Aaron Rodgers
IQ 130
Adolf Hitler - IQ 141
Adolf Hitler
IQ 141
Al Gore - IQ 134
Al Gore
IQ 134
Alan Rachins - 158
Alan Rachins
IQ 158
Albert Einstein - IQ 160
Albert Einstein
IQ 160
Al Franken - IQ 110
Al Franken
IQ 110
Andrew Wiles - IQ 170Andrew Wiles
IQ 170
Andy Warhol - IQ 86
Andy Warhol
IQ 86
Arne Beurling - IQ 180
Arne Beurling
IQ 180
Arnold Schwarzenegger - IQ 135 Arnold Schwarzenegger
IQ 135
Asia Carerra - IQ 156
Asia Carerra
IQ 156
Ben Roethlisberger - IQ 110Ben Roethlisberger
IQ 110
Ben Stein - IQ 150
Ben Stein
IQ 150
Benjamin Netanyahu - IQ 180
Benjamin Netanyahu
IQ 180
Bill Clinton - IQ 137
Bill Clinton
IQ 137
Bill Gates - IQ 160
Bill Gates
IQ 160
Bill O'Reilly - IQ 150
Bill O'Reilly
IQ 150
Bobby Czyz - IQ 140
Bobby Czyz
IQ 140
Bobby Fischer - IQ 187Bobby Fischer
IQ 187
Brendan O' Carroll - IQ 153Brendan O' Carroll
IQ 153
Brett Favre - IQ 104
Brett Favre
IQ 104
Brian Griese - IQ 138
Brian Griese
IQ 138
Carol Vorderman - IQ 154
Carol Vorderman
IQ 154
Charles Manson - IQ 109
Charles Manson
IQ 109
Chris Langan - IQ 195Chris Langan
IQ 195
Christopher Hirata - IQ 225Christopher Hirata
IQ 225
Clive Sinclair - IQ 159
Clive Sinclair
IQ 159
Courtney Cox - IQ 122Courtney Cox
IQ 122
Dan Marino - IQ 92
Dan Marino
IQ 92
David Berkowitz - IQ 118
David Berkowitz
IQ 118
Dolph Lundgren - IQ 160
Dolph Lundgren
IQ 160
Donald Byrne - IQ 170Donald Byrne
IQ 170
Donovan McNabb - IQ 88Donovan McNabb
IQ 88
Drew Bledsoe - IQ 134
Drew Bledsoe
IQ 134


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